I have been a very satisfied customer of Essence Maker for a number of years. The soap is very well made, the quality consistent, and the service exceptional. Your commitment to customer satisfaction is demonstrated with each and every order. I would not be without my Essence Maker soap! Thank you for making this great line of products available. Mark Kozel, Mentor, Ohio

My hair has never been softer, shinier or more manageable since I started using your rosemary and mint shampoo and conditioner. And I cannot thank you enough for the healing blend lotion… it is truly my only salvation when the temperature drops and the moisture is completely gone in my hands. They don't crack and bleed anymore. Thank you for the wonderful products! Lori Ross

I was a former MaryKay user but due to cost restraints, started using Avon. They kept discontinuing/ changing their facial products and since I’m a creature of habit, this irritated me. I was invited to my first Essence Maker party approximately 4 years ago and tried the Intense Facial Oil, Lavender Glycerin Soap and the Facial Powder. Needless to say that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. With the suggestion of Tracy, I went back to the basics and started using Witch Hazel as my astringent (forgot all about that one) along with her products and I have never been happier. I would encourage anyone (male or female) to try Essence Maker’s products – you won’t be disappointed and please never change the formulas! Judith Thompson, Euclid, OH

My family loves the handmade soaps from Essence Maker! My favorite is Lavender, Rosemary and Oatmeal, which has a long lasting wonderful fragrance. The oatmeal provides just the right amount of exfoliation without drying my skin. My husband and son especially like the Patchouli Orange soap. We have sampled others, but always come back to Essence Maker. I think it’s the best handmade soap on the market. As far as customer service goes, Tracy is always very friendly and quick to respond to my online orders. She not only provides a great product, but great service as well! Debbie Torbert, Newark, DE

My experience with Essence Maker products has made a world of difference in my skin. My skin is generally dry, itchy and always irritated. Using commercial products only left me more miserable. Then a friend introduced me to the geranium soap along with the healing blend lotion from Essence Maker. Right away my skin felt better and I felt relief. I love the idea of using natural products that have withstood the test of time and are not made with ingredients I cannot even pronounce. Thank you Essence Maker for making my life a little bit better! Lois Hewitt

You know… every scene around you changes, every smell, every site, every feeling. Your senses are always on red alert. BUT CALM YOUR SENSES DOWN with the wonderful smells of Essence Maker Aromatherapy and make the feelings and scenery a little bit more joyful and pleasant. Dylan Grant

I have been using Essence Maker’s products for ten years. I am thrilled with the quality of the products and the professional handling of my orders. The gift baskets are most delightful and uplifting to anyone who is fortunate enough to receive one. I believe the aromatherapy from her products has been beneficial to my overall well being. It is without reservation that I encourage a new customer to try her line. JoHanna Orr

I love Essence Maker products! If you want your face to glow, I highly recommend Essence Maker’s Washing Grains. Another Essence Maker product I can’t live without is the sugar scrub. It leaves my skin glowing and incredibly soft to the touch. If you haven’t hosted a party yet, I definitely recommend doing so. It’s fun and there’s something for everyone! Bethany A, Cleveland, OH

I love my Essence Maker Woodland Diffuser. Every morning as I walk by my dresser, I start my day with the aroma of being deep in a cool fresh forest. I end my day with the fragrance of going to sleep back in the same forest. It’s very refreshing and not overwhelming. Just cool and calming. Peggy Barcikowski, Aurora, OH